Complete Exercise Program for Parkinson’s

100+ Customized workouts
Focused brain training
Reduce your symptoms
Evidence-based exercises
Gina Diagnosed Parkinson's 2014

“Your medicine, that's great. Your diet, that's awesome. But for what this disease does to your body, exercise is the best thing you're gonna be able to do.” - Gina, diagnosed 2014

Rick Diagnosed Parkinson's 2016

“My conditioning is a lot better. My strength is a lot better. My endurance is significantly increased. I feel sharper mentally. I recover more quickly after exerting myself.” - Rick, diagnosed 2016

Mark Diagnosed Parkinson's 2018

“When I first found out that I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, I thought my world had ended...When I started exercising, I started feeling better.”
- Mark, diagnosed 2018

Marlane Diagnosed Parkinson's 2010

“It really made a difference. When I started feeling better, and I could see that the symptoms were being delayed, I had to testify that it works.”
- Merlane, diagnosed 2010

Neuroplasticity training = strength training for your brain

Wellthon Custom Workout Sample Video

Reduce Parkinson’s symptoms

Uses evidence-based methods to retrain your brain through motor skill exercises
Targets disease-specific challenges to improve walking speed, arm swing, voice volume
Includes BIG exercises, facial & voice, balance, freezing, multi-tasking, & handwriting drills
Video: How this has helped real people with Parkinson's
Brain Diagnosed Parkinson's 2016

“Doing the specific exercises that have a Parkinson’s focus have helped me stay mobile and able to move around pretty easily."
- Brian, diagnosed 2016

A Complete Exercise Program for Parkinson's

Wellthon App Demo Video
Health assessment customizes a program for your exact fitness level & symptoms
Workout app & stream-to-TV support keep you motivated & consistent
Workouts adapt based on your feedback to maintain safe, effective intensity level
Alternates cardio & strength with Parkinson's exercises for best results

How does Wellthon compare?

Wellthon Price Comparison
* Based on nat'l avg. gym membership of $40/month + 1 class per week ($20/class)
* Based on nat'l average of $55 per one hour personal training session at 2 sessions each week.

“The biggest change my wife has seen is she can't keep up with me anymore, and I have to slow down my walk when I walk with her. She doesn't have Parkinson’s..”
- Mike, diagnosed 2013

Mike Diagnosed Parkinson's 2013