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The first evidence-based Parkinson’s fitness program that you can do right in the comfort of your own home!

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The first evidence-based Parkinson’s fitness program that you can do right in the comfort of your own home!

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Win the fight against Parkinson’s disease

Wellthon has partnered with OhioHealth to offer the evidence-based Parkinson’s fitness program Delay the Disease™ right in the comfort of your home. Manage symptoms and improve the quality of your life by following our expert trainer-led video routines. Track your progress with our easy-to-use smartphone and tablet apps.

Don’t take our word for it

Thousands of Parkinson’s patients have seen measurable, meaningful improvements with the Delay the Disease exercise program. Hear their stories of what Wellthon’s exercise system did for them — and what it can do for you. Reverse symptoms, gain confidence, and get your smile back.

I can sit and stand with ease now, my posture is straight and my small voice has been replaced with a stronger one. My arm swing is returning, I no longer shuffle. The biggest change is my mental outlook. - KC
I feel better, and more flexible than before I started regular exercise … it targets certain needs of the PD patient. This class gives me the feeling that I am taking control of my illness and actually doing something to help myself.”  - MW
Every one of my patients is advised to pursue [this] exercise program. Many of our patients find the program to be as or more valuable than the medications we use.”  - Geoff Eubank, MD, OhioHealth

How Wellthon Works

After you select a Wellthon Membership level, you will be asked to fill out a short Life Assessment to gauge your current fitness levels. When your equipment arrives, we'll already have personalised workouts ready for you to begin your wellness journey.

Over the next few days we will send you instructions for how to prepare for your custom workouts. The package you receive will have instructions on how to download the Wellthon mobile app and connect Wellthon to your TV.

What is Delay the Disease?

Delay the Disease is a life-changing wellness program that works toward retraining the mind and body connection. It is focused on evidence-based, structured exercise routines designed to correct disease-specific physical challenges – facial and voice exercises, balance training, walking, fine motor skills, multi-tasking, and handwriting. Wellthon helps you manage and maintain your wellness routine so you can take steps every day to delay the disease.