Muscle & Joint Pain

Past injuries. Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Muscle & joint pain makes exercise tough. But it’s also the key to reduced pain.

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Over 54 million people have arthritis in the U.S.
An estimated 200 million people suffer from osteoporosis worldwide
Weight-bearing exercise boosts strength, flexibility & bone density

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It feels like a Catch-22. When you suffer from arthritis or chronic muscle & joint pain, doctors recommend low impact, weight-bearing exercise to build strength and lubricate joints. But the discomfort & soreness of typical exercise programs can feel like torture and lead to injury - landing you right back on the couch. 

When you lose muscle tone & strength, it puts more stress on bones & joints. Avoiding exercise increases stiffness, and impacts energy and mood. These effects make it even harder to get started exercising. 

So how do you follow doctor’s advice to get moving, when your bones, joints and muscles don’t seem to want to cooperate? 

Wellthon makes it possible. 
We start by assessing pain, discomfort, and range of motion across different parts of your body. Then we build a custom workout plan designed to safely build strength & flexibility, while avoiding straining vulnerable areas.

Start a 7-day trial and see what it’s like to find an exercise solution that helps you get stronger and move more easily - without risking further pain and injury in the process.