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Your endocrine system & hormones control metabolism. Exercise is a powerful way to get some back.

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Over 34 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes
Left unmanaged, it can lead to blindness, kidney failure & amputation
Doctors recommend exercise as a powerful way to control blood sugar

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If you’re one of the 34 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel stuck in a loop. Doctors recommend exercise as a powerful way to control blood sugar. But they also say it can be dangerous. How do you know how much is enough, and what’s too much?
Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to blindness, kidney failure, and amputation. Diet and medication can help manage symptoms, but exercise has been shown to slow or reverse the progress of the disease. Consistent, regular exercise can reduce dependence on medication for people with Type 2 diabetes, lowering medical costs. 
Other exercise programs don’t take the complications and risk factors of people with diabetes into account. One-size-fits-all fitness apps may not include enough of the right kind of exercise to improve your numbers - or might lead to an injury that sets you back even farther. 

Wellthon works for you. 
We start by assessing your symptoms & conditions. Then we build a custom workout plan designed to safely improve your metabolic response, while avoiding injury or sudden dangerous drops in blood sugar.

Start a 7-day trial and see what it’s like to find an exercise solution that helps you feel better & have more energy - without risking your health in the process.