What is Wellthon?

Wellthon is a fitness app designed to accommodate people with physical challenges that limit their ability to exercise. Anyone with a diagnosed medical condition, nagging injuries, old-fashioned aches and pains, or who considers themselves an “exercise beginner” is a good fit for Wellthon.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated by typical fitness apps, Wellthon may be the workout solution you’ve been looking for.

How Does Wellthon Work?

Wellthon offers on-demand, customized workouts that exclude any exercises that would be unsafe for your physical conditions and experience level. We create these workouts from a library of several hundred short exercise routines, which are then matched to your needs based on a thorough Health Assessment.

Once you’ve completed your assessment, Wellthon will generate a personalized workout of your preferred length: 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. These workouts offer full-body, functional exercises that are safe and effective for you.

Each personalized workout simultaneously shows two to three versions of every exercise at different impact levels, so you can select the version that feels most comfortable. You won’t have to skip sets or modify exercises when the suggested version is either too difficult or too easy. There will always be an exercise you can do, and every exercise shown will be one that only helps, not hurts.

Wellthon includes a warm-up and cool-down with each workout to guard against strains, sprains, and cardiovascular stress.

Wellthon also alternates between cardio-focused and strength-focused workouts. This ensures you get a full range of functional exercises that maximize benefits and minimize the risk of overwork and injury.

How Much Does Wellthon Cost?

Wellthon is free, and you may cancel anytime without penalty -- you don't even need a credit card to sign up.

Unlike many free fitness apps, Wellthon does not show ads during your workouts or share your usage data with advertisers. We hate interrupting workouts, aren’t very fond of ads, and have no intention of sharing your Health Assessment or workout data with nosy advertisers or other strangers over the internet.

Is Wellthon a Medical Product or Service?

Wellthon was developed with the help of board-certified clinical exercise physiologists, ISSA-certified personal trainers, and the medical staff of OhioHealth, one of America’s leading health systems. However, as a consumer fitness app, Wellthon does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, nor is it classified as a regulated medical product or service.

At no point should Wellthon be considered a substitute for the advice and direction of your healthcare provider, nor should you use it if your physician has not cleared you for exercise. 

Is Wellthon Safe?

Wellthon was developed with the help of board-certified clinical exercise physiologists, ISSA-certified personal trainers, and the medical staff of OhioHealth, one of America’s leading health systems. It is as safe as any other form of self-directed exercise.

If you have not been cleared for self-directed exercise by your healthcare provider, don’t use any fitness app, including Wellthon. If your doctor considers exercise safe for you, no fitness app does more to design safe, effective workouts than Wellthon. 

By starting with a thorough Health Assessment, Wellthon can identify any exercises that would pose an unacceptable risk of injury or over-exertion and excludes them from your workouts. In this way, Wellthon makes self-directed exercise as safe as possible for everyone and every body.

What Does the Wellthon Health Assessment Ask?

Similar to the forms you complete before each doctor’s visit, the Wellthon Health Assessment asks you a series of general questions about your health and exercise experience. These questions identify any physical challenges or medical conditions that might be aggravated by exercise.

Specifically, the Wellthon Health Assessment asks:

- If you have any of several diagnosed medical conditions that could affect your ability to safely exercise
- If you have any specific areas of pain and discomfort, such as sore knees or a bad back, that limit your ability to exercise
- What your current conditioning level is, so we can tune the intensity of your workouts
- Whether you have any of a few specific risk factors for falling, so we can include seated versions of exercises where necessary
- Some basic vital measurements such as height, weight, age and gender, so we can match your exercises to any risk factors associated with your body mass and bone density.

What Medical Conditions Does Wellthon Support?

Wellthon supports over 100 specific medical conditions, including:
Diabetes and similar endocrine conditions
Heart disease, hypertension, and related cardiovascular conditions
Arthritis, osteoporosis, and similar muscle, bone and joint conditions
weight management
General active aging
Breathing conditions such as asthma, COPD, and more
Fibromyalgia, rheumatism, and similar chronic pain conditions
Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and more
Vertigo and balance conditions
Most acute sprains, strains and bone fractures

Wellthon can accommodate these conditions and design workouts that do not aggravate or overstress your body, but nonetheless convey the benefits of exercise.

What Does “Clinically Validated” Mean?

Wellthon was developed with the help of board-certified clinical exercise physiologists, ISSA-certified personal trainers, and the medical staff of OhioHealth, one of America’s leading health systems. 

That means the exercises that Wellthon recommends based on your Health Assessment are appropriate given the latest medical science and professional standards. We exclude any exercises that, using current clinical guidance, would be unsafe for someone with your diagnoses, injuries, or risk factors.

Moreover, every exercise shown to you during a Wellthon workout is demonstrated by a trained professional using proper form, who will coach you on the appropriate method for performing those exercises safely and effectively.

Clinically validated means trained healthcare and sports science professionals have worked to ensure you will only see exercises that are safe for you to perform, and you will be shown how to do those exercises safely.

What Does “Watch on Any Screen” Mean?

Wellthon workouts can be viewed with a web browser on any laptop, desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. We also offer specialized mobile apps for Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. If a device has a screen and connects to the Internet, you can almost certainly watch a Wellthon workout on it.

Moreover, those same computers, tablets and smartphones can “cast” Wellthon workouts to your television, provided that TV is also connected to an Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire device. (Many modern “smart” TVs have these devices already built in.)

If you’ve bought a “screen” in the last five years, odds are, you can view a Wellthon workout on it.

What Equipment Does Wellthon Require?

Strictly speaking, Wellthon requires no more equipment than the computer, tablet or phone that you’re using to read this website. If you can view the Internet, you can access Wellthon workouts -- no additional equipment required. 

Wellthon can, however, broadcast workouts to televisions that are connected to Apple TVs, Google Chromecasts or Amazon Fire devices. Many modern “smart” TVs have these devices already built in. If you want to follow Wellthon workouts on larger screens (and most people do), we recommend you have access to one or more of these devices. The good news is these devices also let you watch all kinds of great shows and movies, too.

As to the workouts themselves, each Wellthon exercise is shown in two to three versions, so you can choose the impact level you wish to pursue -- some of which may require some very basic exercise equipment. 

The seated version of each exercise (shown by the instructor in green) requires a sturdy chair with no arms. 

The “challenge” version of each exercise (shown by the instructor in orange) often includes the use of light dumbbells. 

All Wellthon strength workouts require the use of weights, preferably light dumbbells, to be effective.

Some versions of some exercises require you to sit or lie on the floor, and for these routines a yoga mat is often preferable, but not required.

At no point will Wellthon require you to buy an expensive exercise bike, treadmill, touchscreen, interactive mirror, custom gadget, or any similar combination of overpriced equipment. Wellthon makes exercise accessible; requiring expensive workout gear is the
opposite of accessibility.

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