Is this a real product? Who are you?

Yes, very real! Wellthon is a first-of-its-kind complete fitness system designed to bring the evidence-based Delay the DiseaseTM program from OhioHealth to your living room. Our team of designers, developers and engineers have worked with real people with Parkinson’s to ensure the product is easy to use and effective. It’s now available. 

If you’d like to know more about us, check out the Wellthon team.

Why should people with Parkinsons do this program?

Research shows that exercise is one of the most powerful tools for reducing and controlling the symptoms of Parkinson’s. But to get the most benefit, you have to exercise frequently, you have to push yourself, and you need to include certain specific exercises designed to treat Parkinson’s symptoms. Just going for a walk is great, but it may not be enough to effectively fight this disease.

While there are some great Parkinson’s exercise programs out there (and we’re big fans of them!) it’s almost impossible for most people with Parkinson’s to attend these classes often enough to see the best results. Bad weather, lack of transportation and other challenges can often derail your out-of-home program attendance. Or classes may only be offered a couple times a week.

Our program is intended to simulate having a personal trainer certified in Parkinson’s-specific exercise modalities available to work with you every day, at your convenience, adapting your workouts as needed to keep you safe, motivated and challenged. 

Does it really work?

Our “brain training” is based on the science of neuroplasticity. Strength training and cardio intervals “prime” your brain, so symptom-specific exercises can work more effectively to retrain the mind-body connection. If you don’t believe us, ask these people with Parkinson’s, who have been doing the Delay the Disease program and are featured in our workouts.

What do I need? 

You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone or tablet, broadband internet with WiFi, and a TV less than 10 years old. You’ll also need some light hand weights and a sturdy chair with no arms (like a kitchen chair or folding chair).

How much space is required for a Wellthon workout? 

For the best experience, we recommend 6′ x 6′ floor space and a ceiling height of 8’. Ideally, this should be a space you can use consistently, without interrupting others or being interrupted. 

For your safety, your workout area should have a non-slip flooring surface, and a clear view of the TV you’ll use to screencast workouts. 

You should also have easy access to water, hand weights or weighted ball, and a sturdy armless chair (for balance or for seated workouts).

Still have questions? Feel free to send photos of your space to support@wellthon.com and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Why only US? I saw Canada listed in your Terms of Service/I’m in the UK.

We intended to launch in the US and Canada (some Wellthon team members are Canadian!) However, we encountered issues and did not want this to hold up release. Eventually, we'll be opening the program up to people in Canada - and around the world.

Why are you charging money for this?

Three reasons.

First: Because it has value. Participants in Delay the Disease have seen their symptoms slow and even reverse. What is that worth? Also, research shows people are more likely to actually do a program they’re paying for. They value it, they believe in it, so they do it. 

Second: Because it cost money to make. All the people with Parkinson’s you see in the video? They were paid for their time. The developers who figured out how to bring this life-changing program to your home? They were paid for their work - and will continue to support the app, and make it better. 

Finally: Because we’re not stopping with Parkinson’s. Our vision is to create similar programs for people with all kinds of physical challenges, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and more. People who have been forgotten or ignored by traditional fitness apps. Growth requires capital. 

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