Weight Control

Obesity is linked to other serious conditions. Can shifting the scale turn back the clock?

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Nearly 45% of Americans 50-59 are obese, the highest rate of any age group
Obesity increases the risk of many serious, chronic diseases
Regular exercise helps boost metabolism, burn calories & maintain lean muscle

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It’s not your imagination, and it’s not just an excuse. It really is harder to manage weight after 40. Metabolism shifts into low gear. The body produces less of the hormones that fuel intense workouts. Old injuries and chronic conditions make some sports & activities unsafe or impossible to continue.

Of course, others face the opposite problem. Chronic health problems can lead to diminished appetite, muscle atrophy and an inability to get up to and maintain a healthy weight. 

Whether you need to shed or gain pounds, doing so in a safe and sustainable way feels impossible. Most fitness programs are designed for people who are already healthy. They don’t take into account the struggle of those who simply can’t do the movements in their videos. 

Wellthon makes it possible. 
We start by assessing pain, discomfort, and range of motion across different parts of your body. Then we build a custom workout plan designed to safely build strength & flexibility, while avoiding straining vulnerable areas.

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